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Because I am living in the UK, I have been witness to apparently what is the end of an era for journalism in their country. News of the World, a publication that has been published for the past 168 years, closed its doors Saturday night after the printing of their final issue that was to be on stands Sunday morning.

Being from America, I along with most of my friends that are also here were not familiar with News of the World nor the ethical controversy that had been surrounding it. But as the controversy escalated over the past 5 years, more and more of their advertisers pulled out and revenues plunged.

It was revealed that News of the World employees hacked into at least 7,000 people’s phones in order to scoop stories. They even went as far as to delete voicemails from phones that could have been used as evidence in criminal cases. So how does something this unethical get this far? That’s a question no one is really able to answer right now. The phone hackings were reportedly a well-known practice throughout the office and went on for some time.

The final issue was on the stands throughout the UK yesterday, titled “Thank You and Goodbye,” and could be purchased for £1, with all proceeds apparently going to charity. I was able to purchase one and read through it, and I must say that for a company that had done such unethical things, I really wasn’t impressed.

Yes, they expressed remorse for their actions, but they lacked a sense of humility over what they had turned into. They were an extreme power house in the UK journalism world for so long, but their demise didn’t happen overnight. These unethical practices had been occuring for years, for so long it had become a normal practice of their investigative reporting. I feel as though they still seemed a little bit too proud of themselves after everything that happened.

They didn’t get away with it though. With unethical actions come consequences. Advertisers pulled out, extreme amounts of revenue were lost, and the publication went under. The advertisers were essentially what decided the fate of the biggest news publication in the UK. That’s a huge power to have.

So what does this mean? It definitely sends a message and shows where the power lies in the advertiser/media relationship. With the rise of the internet and digital media, we’ve already seen traditional forms of journalism floundering. This just exemplifies the power of the advertisement, and lets all publications know that unethical actions will have consequences. I guess its up to the advertisers now to keep them in check.


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If you know me, you have heard about my car. I call it “the big boat”, “P.O.S.”, or anything along those lines really. Why? It’s a 1997 Infiniti Sedan that is so long it’s almost impossible to parallel park on the streets of Austin. It also only gets 17-19 mpg and takes premium gas.

<I would put a photo of it here if I had one, but it isn’t exactly the cutest thing.>

have been begging my dad for a newer(ish) car for years. One a little more gas and Austin efficient. Today I was given a choice about it.

Mom: New car or London?

Me: London. Duh.

Mom: Good choice. London it is.

Because yes, my car sucks and may die on me any day now. But a new car is going to last me, what? 7 or 8 years?

The experience I gain abroad will last me a lifetime. It will be the experience that lands me that awesome job that provides me the salary to provide for myself and buy myself a new car.

So yes, it’s official. I will be living and interning in London for 8 weeks this summer. The excitement is too much for me to even be able to describe, even as I am bogged down with multiple tests this week (and should be studying right now). If I could, I’d run around screaming (but that would probably just freak my roommate out).

Expect lots of happy blog posts as I begin the process of interviewing with companies in London and buying plane tickets and getting my working Visa etc etc. I can barely believe myself as I’m typing. I was absolutely elated today when my enrollment advisor told me how much of a solid candidate I was because I was studying advertising at such a prestigious university. Thank god for the University of Texas.

Oh and here’s the best part: Not only will I be in London for the premiere of the last Harry Potter movie (Yes, I’m an HP nerd, and I will be at that event), but our housing is right next to King’s Cross. Maybe Platform 9 & 3/4 really does exist 😉

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Summer of Dreams

What I’ve been waiting for, hoping for, dreaming for, for so long, may actually be happening. A once in a lifetime opportunity. The adventure of a lifetime.

I may be spending my summer living and working in London. LONDON!!!!

When I discovered this program through Dream Careers, I automatically knew this was something I was interested in. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, but it never worked out with my course work. This seemed like the next best thing!

For a price, they house you and feed you for the summer. They take you on weekend activities around London, and a weekend in Paris is even included. They pair you with an internship coordinator who perfects your resume, coaches you on phone interviews, and matches you with companies that fit your interests. They guarantee you an internship. If you don’t find one, they give you a full refund.

It seems to good to be true. But I will make this happen. This is my once in a lifetime chance at a great adventure. It’s going to be scary. It’s going to be hard. But I’m going to do it. I will be there.

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