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95 days.

95 days until the end of my four years of college. Is this real?

I remember the last month of the summer after my senior year in high school. I had a countdown going then too — a countdown to the day I was going to move to Austin to start the next chapter of my life. It seems like yesterday!

I remember when I was merely 15 years old and all I wanted to do was turn 16, get my license and drive myself around. I vocalized it to my parents quite frequently, and they always told me the same thing — that time proceeds to pass faster and faster with every year that goes by. At the time, I’d roll my eyes, because geez, 9th grade seemed like it was never going to end!

Well, here I am! I have my first job interview next week (ahh!) with a Dallas agency, I’m heading to NYC again over spring break to (hopefully) do job interviews there, ¬†and I only have 3 more tests left… ever. Those are words I definitely thought I’d never say.

So over the next 95 days,

I want to enjoy the time I have with my friends, experience things around Austin that I have yet to do over the past few years, and soak up as much knowledge as the University of Texas will allow me to in my remaining time.

And a word to the younger ones out there (especially my sisters!) — don’t take a second of what’s given to you for granted… Experience everything you can and soak it up! And just because time flies doesn’t mean you don’t have the time to do every single thing that you want to!

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Today I realized that I have been keeping up with this blog for a little bit over a year, so I took the time to look back at some of the first posts that I had written. I look at myself through this blog a year ago, and I remember how confused I was — about my futures, my goals… myself.

On January 2, 2011, I wrote a post entitled “2011: The Year I Got My Life in Order.” I set one New Years resolution for myself:

decide what I want in life and get motivated to make it happen

Personally, I think I did damn good.

A year ago, I had just gotten rejected from Texas Creative, the original reason I had become an advertising major, I was frantically searching for a last-minute internship, and considering switching my major to Public Relations. Hence the resolution.

But this year I applied and was accepted into the TexasMedia program, travelled to London to work a summer internship, and took a trip to New York City, where I networked with 4 agencies in hopes of securing a full time job come post-grad.

now I’m not really sure where the next year will take me.

2011 was definitely a year that has shaped my future. 2012 will be the year that begins it.

On March 14, 2012 I will be turning 22, and for me that kind of signifies the real start to adulthood. 21 was a year to play and have fun, 22 means it’s time to get serious. On May 18, 2012 I will be graduating from the University of Texas. Shortly after that, if all goes as planned, I will be picking up and shipping out to New York City, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for years.

See that.

That is what I call a plan.

A year ago, I didn’t have one, and I told myself that soon I was going to have one. This might have been the first New Years resolution I actually made happen, ever. Well, cheers to 2011, and I cannot wait for 2012!

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Do you ever wonder where people will be in 5 or 10 years? Like yourself, your family, or your friends?

This week is a very bittersweet time for me. As I finish up my junior year in college, my first round of friends are starting to walk across the stage. This includes friends from both high school and college.

In high school, I was the young one in my group of friends — they were all a year older than me. Watching them graduate and leave me behind for a year was tough. And then the next year it was my turn to step into the unknown. And of course I wondered where the hell we would all be four years from then, but I never thought the day would actually come.

The trials and tribulations of the past four years have been a tumultuous road. I’ve watch my friends fail and succeed. Some of us have lost touch, others have stayed close. I’ve been there for the ones who have hit rock bottom, and I’ve watched them rise up again. Some have moved away, yet some haven’t left the small town we grew up in. Out of my core group of friends from high school, there are 3 of us on path to graduate on time — 2 this year and myself next year.

But now that I have forged a new group of friends and the first half are taking the jump into the real world, I can’t help but wonder what the next 5 years have in store. I hope there will be more success than failure and more smiles then tears. I wish to God that all of my wonderful friends achieve all their goals. I hope I never lose touch with the people that have entered my life throughout the last three years.

So here are some of my goals:

  • Set aside time each week to talk to the ones that have left. One of my best friends from high school now lives in Virginia, and the other one is planning to move to Georgia, so communication is key.
  • Visit the ones that are close by. Quite a few of my friends are moving to Houston after graduation. There’s no reason a happy hour can’t be in order when I’m in town visiting my parents!
  • And of course keep the friendships I already have just as strong throughout the last year, and what will be the best year, of my college career.

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