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Today I realized that I have been keeping up with this blog for a little bit over a year, so I took the time to look back at some of the first posts that I had written. I look at myself through this blog a year ago, and I remember how confused I was — about my futures, my goals… myself.

On January 2, 2011, I wrote a post entitled “2011: The Year I Got My Life in Order.” I set one New Years resolution for myself:

decide what I want in life and get motivated to make it happen

Personally, I think I did damn good.

A year ago, I had just gotten rejected from Texas Creative, the original reason I had become an advertising major, I was frantically searching for a last-minute internship, and considering switching my major to Public Relations. Hence the resolution.

But this year I applied and was accepted into the TexasMedia program, travelled to London to work a summer internship, and took a trip to New York City, where I networked with 4 agencies in hopes of securing a full time job come post-grad.

now I’m not really sure where the next year will take me.

2011 was definitely a year that has shaped my future. 2012 will be the year that begins it.

On March 14, 2012 I will be turning 22, and for me that kind of signifies the real start to adulthood. 21 was a year to play and have fun, 22 means it’s time to get serious. On May 18, 2012 I will be graduating from the University of Texas. Shortly after that, if all goes as planned, I will be picking up and shipping out to New York City, fulfilling a dream I’ve had for years.

See that.

That is what I call a plan.

A year ago, I didn’t have one, and I told myself that soon I was going to have one. This might have been the first New Years resolution I actually made happen, ever. Well, cheers to 2011, and I cannot wait for 2012!

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If you do not follow @Jenny_Blake on twitter, please do. I ran across her website LifeAfterCollege.org and immediately fell in love with her style of writing and the types of advice she gives. It is practical, down to earth, and exactly what someone like me needs to see. With only a year left in college, I am starting to wonder about what comes next and how I am supposed to handle it. Her website holds some of those answers.

So when I found out she wrote a book, of course I had to buy it! And when I found it for sale on Amazon for a little over $8, it was a no brainer. Since I received it earlier this week, I have taken a little bit of time before I go to bed every night to read a little bit, do the exercises, and reflect on myself and what I want out of life.

I am sixty pages in (out of almost 300!), and I’ve already thought deeper and harder about my goals and future than I ever have. But there was one exercise that really stood out to me that I feel the need to share. It’s something that I’ve never taken time to think that deeply about.

My values

Have you ever had to really think about your values, list them out, and then rank them by importance? Probably not. It’s not an easy thing to do. It took me a few days to complete the exercise, which consists of listing 20 top values, taking it down to 10, and then ranking your top 5. Here are what I came up with and why:

  1. Accomplishment: I’ve always been someone who thrived off accomplishment. In a way, it’s what keeps me smiling and what makes my world go round. In no way do I mean this in a narcissistic way. Every action we perform has a purpose, and because of that, something can happen as a result of every effort we put forth. Accomplishments are the positive results of our efforts. When we don’t accomplish anything, that’s wasted time and energy, and we know that we need to put our efforts somewhere else.
  2. Family: I think this one’s easy. My family is my everything, and because of that I know that even if I lose everything, they will still be there for me no matter what. My mom will always be my confidant, my sisters my best friends, and my dad my rock.
  3. Passion: What is life if you live it without passion? The passion we exert each and every day is what keeps us breathing. It’s what drives our motivations. It forms our goals. Without passion, life would be dull. There would be no excitement. There would be no real reason to live fully.
  4. Hard Work: Nothing is possible without hard work. I thrive off challenges, and I take pride in the hard work I put forth to accomplish my goals. I work hard at school, at work, at my internship. I don’t see the point of doing something if you’re just going to half-ass it. Either work hard, or don’t work at all.
  5. Fun: I am a firm believer that laughter is the best medicine, and spontaneity is a necessity. No matter where I go in life or who I am with, I will be having fun. I’ll tell a dumb joke or I’ll dance on a bar with my best friends around me or I’ll laugh so loudly that everyone in the room stares. But I’ll do it and I’ll love it and I’ll be feeling that certain feeling that I get when I’m having such a great time there’s no where else I’d rather be.

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